Tuesday, May 16, 2006


What are some cool basketball tricks that will impress your friends???

Well that depends. Are you tryin to be a street baller or you just playing some one on one? An easy way to impress your friends is to pull a move on one of them and kinda embarass them. I was doin some moves on one of my friends in one on one and i had him on the ground so i went right by him lol. I aint the street balla type so if thats the type of moves you lookin for look at other answers. But just practice between the legs behind the back and look up some other dribbling drills and in games you can do moves like fake crossovers, one or two hands. or another one to do is if you get good at putting it back and forth between your legs just keep puttin it in between your legs and wait for him to lean one way then fly right by him to the hoop. you can also try the behind the back, spin moves, etc. look some moves up on the internet or id reccomend the Better Basketball Better BAll Handling video. you can download it on limewire..

Well you could try to dribble the ball really fast in between you legs ( like the pros do on tv) I play and it always seems to impress people!!

you can work on getting the through the legs or behind the back down. They always impress if you can do them well enough. You can also work on a backwards layup ( going behind the backboard then coming back up on the other side and shooting backwards)

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