Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Good tips for all basketball player

1. Practice, practice, practice!! I am a true believer that defense wins games, but I also believe it's important to be an offensive threat. Asd long as you're scoring, the coach can't keep you out he game for too long!!
Find three moves and perfect them (mid-range jump shot, 3-point shot, post move)
This coming from a former player who wishes I had taken my own advice!
2. Be tall
3. practice your move like running keep ur grades straight like do 20 suecides back and forth and practice shooting basket
4. Be known for playing really good defense. Guard your opponent in a way that totally shuts her down. Deny every pass, and don't give her any shot opportunities
5. run up and down a court bouncing a ball
6. work on your footwork...that is very important to know where u are on the court at all times. also work on your stamina...that way u can last longer in a fast paced game
7. learn your team.learn YOUR game.keep stats on your progress
8. Umm do jumping exercises, workout, eat healthy, and B4 games i used to eat like a bananna or celery, and I took vitamin b!! It gives u more energy!! Dont be worried tho, u do pee mountain dew color from vitamin b, and drink a decent amount of water! I also heard pickle juice stops body cramps
9. just remember thisu play how u practiceso in other words keep Ur head in the game and stay focus in practice.
10. Be a team player
11. skill , that's the key, you don't even have to be tall , as long as you know the style and you have the talent like Allen Ivers
12. The Center position in Fantasy Basketball is frought with danger, as there are very few impact Centers in Fantasy Basketball and almost all have gaping holes in their game. There's the poor FT shooting of Shaquille O'Neal and Ben Wallace, the injury risks associated with Brad Miller, Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Marcus Camby, and the general lack of stability outside the Top 10. A great season by a center often carries a Fantasy Basketball team to the Playoffs and possibly a title, but on the flip side, going Center early can also derail a team should problems arise. The latter scenario has a higher probability than at any other position, so our take on the Center position is to stockpile surer impact players at other spots and look to fill the Center spots in the mid-to-late rounds with up-and-coming prospects and blocked shot specialists
13. First, you don't have to be tall! Offense: have a move and then a counter move, which is the opposite of your move. If your move is a lay-up, then your counter move is a reverse lay-up. If your move is a drop-step, then your counter could be a step-through move. Defense: you can ALWAYS play good defense, it doesn't take any talent to be a good defender. You can't always hit your shots, but you can ALWAYS play tough defense! Practice! Practice! Practice
14. shoot a ton every day, work on speed and stamina. and make sure you hit the weight room. and play hard all the time
15. Play your game, be aggressive, alert, and intense...work hard get better every time you step onto the court..."PERFECT practice makes perfect
16. Don't stop playing
18. Practice as much as you can. And stay in shape

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