Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Tips for a point guard

1. Dish before you swish. Always try to get your teammates good shots before yourself, but don't be afraid to step up and take the big shot. Get your fundamentals in passing, dribbling, and physical conditioning in order. Be a leader vocally, by example, and by your presence on the court. Memorize all your team's plays. Always believe in yourself and in your team and no matter how impossible it seems, NEVER EVER give up on a game, always come back fighting on both ends of the court
2. Go to school at Arizona and be taught by the best point guard coach Lute Olsen just signed til 2011.Bibby, Terry, Arenas just to name three of the best right now!
3. The number one way to become a better dribbler is to dribble. Like while you are at home doing nothing get your rock take it outside and just dribble, crossover around the back to the point where these things become second nature. Also work on keeping the ball low. If you watch the best ball handlers cross someone over, the ball is very lowwhen they cross it in front of someone. A good tip is to cross right by the persons foot, instinctivly they will try to reach but if you are low enough, and coming at the right angle they will just end up looking silly. Another tipp is dont be afraid to use your body. Keep it between the ball and the defnder. Either with them on your hip or if you are strong enough on your shoulder/arm. And as far as keeping in shape, that goes hand in hand with the number one way to get that handel tight, RUNS RUNS RUNS. Go play fullcourt for at least three or four hours wit until you are tired and then play two more hours just play yourself iinto basketball shape
4. You should practice on the stuff you need help on,ask the best player on your team to help you,I practiced a lot and I got better at basketball
5. One way to get better ball handling is to by a dvd it is called drillz for skillz. To help your aim just keep shooting the same way eventually they will go in more often. in the summer run sprints about 20 a day. then for distance run 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. just give some of this a try
6. have a dvd that steve nash made and it helps you on everything including defense, shooting, passing, and dribbling....it is a very good dvd and has helped me become a lot better.....the dvd is called Steve Nash MVP Basketball: Fundamentals of Basketball

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