Thursday, May 25, 2006


Advice to pick perfect basketball shoes - sneekers

1. The shoes must be can endure impact when we jump in the court, if afterfinished play basketball your sole of foot or behind your knee feel hurt thats mean your shoes is not suitable to support your weight, if you continueit will give you impact in the future
2. The good basketball shoes is not glossy, sticky. The sticky shoes can increasly your performance, specially when you dribble, cutting the past, Cross over, spin,
3. Must comfy, not to hot. Pick your shoes fit, be the right size not just to front, but side to, if your foot can movement inside your shoes you better you can slip or get another injury
4. stable - most of new basketball shoes have plastic with many shape fromsole of foot to ankle, this use to hold on foot, for not rolling n not wrong when landing
5. Renponsive - Some guard need responsive sneeker, that can make easy move tothe right and left (low cut), that not have huge sole, So can make you feel the court not heavy n easy to run n sprint

hi to all
i am a basketball player since last 7 a days i m facing some problems related with my wrist my wrist are becoming weaker and friends suggested me to use is wrist strength machine please help me in telling that is it helpful for me or not.
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