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Basketball man shooting machine gun, how to shooting better

1. a nice perfected jump shot, great power from legs when jumping and and drain the shot

2. u should have good strength

3. The set shot

4. The dunk. If you can do it, it's very powerful and hard to block, and is the highest percentage shot in basketball

5. Practice shots that you'd take in a game. Stand still, catch and shoot. Stand still, catch, dribble and shoot. Catch while on the move and shoot. Catch while on the move and fake or just go right into the dribble and then shoot. And, creating off of fakes (while a pivot foot is planted). Make sure you square up to the basket when shooting. Both feet should be pointing at the basket, and your body should square up to it. Make sure your power is coming from your legs, not your arms. Remember to follow-through on your shot. Practice like crazy. And be intense. Don't be lazy, work hard. If you half-heartedly practice getting shots off, they won't be very effective when a tough defender is near you in a real game

6. put one foot in front the the other one. grab the ball and put your best hand under. your other hand put next to it. then flick your wrist then u well get use to it then shoot

7. Lay flat on the floor with your feet flat on the floor bent at the knees, take the ball in your hands in shooting position and practice shooting toward the ceiling. The goal is for the ball to return to your hands in the original shooting position w/o having to move your hands from position. You should have perfect rotation and perfect form in this process. Do a hundred with each hand each night. I improved my free throw percentage in college from 50% to 85% in one year. It also strengthened my shot.

8. follow trough your shot, and pratice

9. you need to make sure you get in a clear space so no-one bigger is in front of you. It's good that you are quick. So visualise and practice seeing yourself in a clear space and then practice until you get so good with putting your shots up that you don't need to be near the basket and your team knows that if they give you the ball in a clear space it will be just up over and in - another 3 pts from the 3 point Ace shooter king!

10. keep your elbows in have your toes pointing towards the basket. have the ball come off your finger tips and follow through with a snap of your wrist. to get by bigger defenders use a pump fake, if that doesnt work fake left go right or visa versa. always protect the ball with your body cause a lager defender will likely reach in a steal the ball away

11. You don't shoot correctly, then learn how to shoot correctly. If you're too slow to get by bigger guys, then you need to work out, probably do a bunch of suicides. Over and over and over. Then you'll get by them

12. always pump fake

13. people always love to block the short guy so u should try pump faking so u can get ur man in the air and then dribble past him or take the shot

14. If you need to work on your dribbles I highly suggest walking around your neighborhood dribbling between your legs. When your on the court, try to use your coodination. Go one way and then crossover towards the other side. A solid pump-fake always helps when your small

15. how do you shoot a basketball? Aim, an shoot

16. always keep focus on the board, dont need to give net throws, once you know the board it will be a piece of cake

17. B.E.E.F
Balance/Bended Knees...
Elbows[inward at a 90 degree angle]...
Eyes[on the target]...
Follow Through[like a downward snap of the wrist]

Don't use two hands...use your strong to shoot and your weaker hand to help balance the ball. Always make sure that you are squared up to the basket before you shoot. Start close and develop your technique then move back as you get better

18. for staters it mayb easy to scre with shooting the backboard...but as you play more i suggest you started shooting the rim without the help of the backboard...its pretty hard but once you get used to it, its pretty good the way you and other ppl look at it...and youll be more comfortable shooting at the other angle

19. First, learn how to handle the ball.
Second, learn how to shoot the ball properly.
Third, practice shooting with one eye closed. In time, it will help you make dead accurate shots with the ball. By depending on one eye, it prevents your shot from getting fooled by using two eyes. Something about depth perception. Your accuracy will improve tremendously.

One last thing, learn to arc your shot properly, and put some spin on it. Another important tip is to learn how to shoot against a defender. Try practicing turnaround shots and other shots you might need to use in a gametime situation. Try having someone pass to you and shoot as fast as you can at the rim.

Rip Hamilton and Reggie Miller are masters at shooting the basketball. They're even better than Jordan. Learn from their play, and you will get very good.

20. square up to the basket, and make a 90 degree angle directly under the ball, using you non dominant hand to balance your shot

21. Keep you head straight. Relax your arms, be confident and shoot. Keep on practicing till you improve

22. your strength should come from the legs...just do a follow through with the wrist and fingertips...you can do it just make a rainbow shot..practice makes perfect

23. You have to arch your dominant hand using your nondominant hand as a balance. Relax. Arch it and flick it off your wrist. A little practice always help too


25. If you're right handed: all of the wieght of the ball should be centered on your right hand. Your left hand should be on the side of the ball, just for balance (no pressure). Position the ball in front of your forhead, but don't block your vision of the hoop. Your elbow should be pointed straight down. Use your legs for power and just snap your right wrist forward. Also square your body towards the hoop

26. You need to think about the way you are positioned when you shoot. Are squared up? Is your shooting arm aligned with the basket?Think about where it hits on the basket. If it hits the back of the rim it need more arc. If its just hitting the back bored then you need to align your arm correctly. If it is just your shooting style I would try some thing else. Remember practice makes permanent not perfect. I think if you are a skilled player and your only problem is shooting ,then you probably just practiced a bad habit in shooting and know you cant stop shooting the wrong way because it is a habit.I would try to shoot a new way on different parts on the court ( 3 point line, in the key, free throws

27. - Bend your wrist back as far as possible and then snap it as fast as you can at the top of your shot.

- Keep your elbows tucked.

- Release the ball with your fingertips.

- Most importantly you have to feel comfortable doing it or it just won't fall in.

28. Set your feet to where they are pointed twards the basket and then square your shoulders, then follow thru on your release and put spin on the ball

29. Get a Pistol Pete fundamentals video. They are awesome and you can get them at yardsales, ebay, wherever. A LOT of players in the NBA or even college got good by watching and applying what they learned from the master

30. Go through a growth spurt and stuff the damn thing like that girl last week. then you don't have to worry about shooting and you FG% will be through the roof

31. You should practice,practice and practice again.In my opinion ball control and shooting is the most important things in basketball but you should also go to gim if you want to "stay in game".Practice daily ball control and shooting,make you a 3-4day per week gim program and at the end of the week go out to play a game with your friends.Come on,33?Your a teen,you should never say "I am getting older",if you continue like this in one day you will be obsesed by this.Good luck

32. Just practice, hold a couple of games with friends to keep yourself in shape. Go outside and practice your shots for a couple of hours. And there is no such thing as too old for B-ball camps. Loool

33. focus on you aiming first. keep doing this until you get the hang of it. then focus on your pressure (see how much force you need to push the ball to the rim). keep doing this and you'll become better

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